Heating Oil - The stuff you heat your house with. There are three types of heating oil available. The primary decider is where your tank is located. We also deliver On-Road Diesel Fuel but people don’t generally heat their homes with it.

(This is the short version. Follow the Homeowner Education link to a much more detailed essay on the subject.)

Pre-buy and Budget for the 2024-2025 Heating Season has begun. Call the office to check prices and to sign up!

#2 Heating Oil


Number 2 is typically used in indoor tanks, as it starts to gel up at temperatures below 15 degrees or so. We sell a Premium #2 Heating Oil exclusively to our customers.

Blended Fuel


Blend is used in cold weather applications - outdoor tanks or tanks in unheated garages or sheds. Our blended fuel is our Premium #2 fuel with an extra additive to help your fuel flow better in colder temperatures. Even so, we cannot guarantee that Blend will not gel, and we recommend Kerosene in the colder months.



Kerosene is the lightest, most cold-resistant fuel and what we recommend for outside tanks. It’s good to something like 40-below! If kerosene freezes we are all in trouble!

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