I Need Fuel!


No one likes to be told that they can’t get something when they want it. Unfortunately in the oil delivery business, everybody seems to run out at the same time and we literally cannot do everyone on the same day. How can you get around this and still be able to order fuel when you want to and actually get it in a reasonable period of time? Don’t panic... it’s easy. First thing you do is make sure you have an accurate means of telling how much fuel remains in your tank. If you do not have a functioning gauge, get one. No way around this folks. If you don’t know what you have in your tank, how can you know if you need more? In the absence of a gauge, you can measure your fuel level by “sticking” the tank. Special measuring sticks are available or you could make one yourself. You simply insert the stick to the bottom of your tank and measure the level of fuel in inches. DON’T FORGET TO PUT THE PLUG BACK IN THE TANK!! As long as you know the size and orientation (ie, vertical, round, etc.) of your tank we can provide you with a chart, free of charge, so that you always know what you have in your tank. Of course this means you have to get yourself in the habit of checking the tank on a regular basis. Once a week is usually sufficient. You shouldn’t need to call for fuel if you have more than a half tank. You may not even take our minimum delivery, which is 100 gallons. If your tank is at ¼, you should be calling. In a standard 275 gallon tank, each quarter of a tank represents roughly 60 burnable gallons. If you burned a quarter of a tank overnight, you would need to fill your tank every four days! Highly unlikely in a standard residential application! Generally ¼ tank will get you through a week or more, at least a couple of days. Most of the time we can offer next working day delivery for all orders in our regular areas.

If you call us after hours, you may leave an order on our answering machine. If there is anything special about it you should probably request a return call. You may also place an order by email. info@localpridenh.com will get to us directly. Clicking on the Contact page here on the website does the trick as well. (Please don’t use Facebook for questions or orders – we don’t really use it for that.) And of course there is always the old standby... come down here in person and tell us where to go, er, what to do, ah,...you know what we mean. Our office is conveniently located at 25 Hancock Street, right next door to Kelly’s Flooring and Athletic Instinct. You’ll see the big tanks in the back yard and Sparky & Dogor on the wall.

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