Look Ma…I’m a Truck Driver


Most people understand that being an oilman (or woman) can be a demanding job. Drivers have to put up with traffic and weather and find the right place with the right fuel every time.  Rule One around here is be safe! Driving a liquid load around is probably the most subtly difficult task any driver could face. The slosh factor would amaze someone who has never done this before. When you come to a stop the load tries to shove you forward. When you go around a corner the load wants to roll you over! It’s something you learn to deal with but never quite get comfortable with. This is why oil drivers have to take a special test for tank vehicles. This is also the reason that we sometimes have difficulty getting in to places in bad weather. If the truck has to back uphill to make a delivery, all the weight moves forward off the rear wheels as the fuel stacks up in the front of the tank. Just like an empty pick-up truck, the traction potential approaches zero. So why don’t we drive in? Try backing out! The consequences of a fuel track sliding backwards out of control do not bear thinking about. Rest assured, our people are experienced at handling fuel trucks in all types of weather. If it can be done, they can do it! So the next time you see one of our oil trucks trundling up the road remember, you’re watching a pro in action.

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