Oil Tank Safety


Each year oil spills occur because of unsafe tank conditions. Let’s face it, none of us pay a whole lot of attention to our oil tanks unless we are checking the fuel level. Even then, how close do we look? Well, we should. It’s very simple to see if a problem is lurking and almost impossible for a delivery person to know about until it’s too late. The following checklist is just a guideline to follow. If anything seems amiss, you should call a trained professional to deal with it.

    • Are the tank legs straight and on a firm surface?
    • Are there signs of rust or wetness on the sides or bottom of the tank?
    • Are there wet or discolored spots under the filter or tank itself?
    • Are the fuel lines protected?
    • Does the gauge work?
    • Do you have a ventalarm (whistle) and is it working? (ask your delivery person).


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