Snowbanks, The Oilman, and You


The quickest way to an oil driver’s heart is a path through the snow! Somedays it’s like trudging across the tundra out there, one monster snowbank after another. All you want to do after a while is curl up in one and sleep ‘til spring! Now we realize that not everyone has the ability to prepare a way to the fill pipe and we don’t expect a superhighway. But, it is nice to be able to walk to the house without swimming through snow. Of course we will make every effort to make your delivery, regardless of the snow conditions. However, there may be times when we simply cannot do it, or cannot find the fill pipe even! Anything you can do for us is greatly appreciated. And remember...other than leaving cookies at the door, there is no surer way of gaining a friend for life...your delivery driver. Thank-you!

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